Nov 24, 2014

FAQ: How’d I get here?

Q: “Hello, I’m looking to transition from [insert libraries, archives, museum, etc., here]. Would you tell me more about your career, what kinds of experience you have, and any advice you would give to someone who is trying to transition to working at a digital agency.” A: I started working in digital agencies in the late 90s, through coding, and graphic design. I also have undergraduate degrees in programming and design. Almost a decade later, I ended up getting an MLIS because that was the closest thing to an IA degree that you could get (at the time). Now IA, as a thing, doesn’t really exist as “one” thing either, or at least that’s how the industry is going (that’s a another post for another day). I only ventured into Archives and Libraries for the purposes of doing digitization work. As they didn’t have the technical skills yet among the… Read More »

Sep 17, 2013

What kind of Content Strategist are you?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the meaning of content strategy, its definition, practices and its intersection with other disciplines. In line with this, I re-read Erin Kissane’s article about the different kinds of Content Strategists. Although I don’t agree with every statement, she presents the topic extremely well. In short, she discusses the differences between content strategists, their backgrounds and their focus. For example, I mostly fit into the Enterprise Content Strategist bucket, (although I wish it had a better name). The definition is a bit narrow, but you get the idea: Enterprise content strategy people, on the other hand—the people working with data and DITA and knowledge management systems—talk about CS and mean data modeling, technical workflow, documentation, planning for content reuse, and content management, often on a very large scale. Overall, I see Content Strategists as different flavors of ice cream. It’s great that we come in… Read More »

Aug 13, 2013

A data model named DITA

I’ve recently been exploring the DITA model/standard more heavily, pros and cons, and I’m sad to say I still don’t have a strong opinion for or against and here’s why: * To make ample use of DITA content creators need to learn new ways to author content to create the relationships and architecture in the content that makes DITA worthwhile to use. * To make ample use of DITA CMS systems need to be capable of accommodating this new architecture. * To make ample use of DITA tech expertise is necessary to understand how to develop for the model. * To make ample use of DITA organizations have to re-engineer their technical environments and internal processes. * Rahel Anne Bailie has a great article (part of a larger DITA series) on the above here: I like to think of myself as an extremely practical metadata/taxonomy professional. Therefore, when it… Read More »

Jul 10, 2013

Still holding, not selling: Dublin Core vs.

I was recently asked why I use Dublin Core, rather than, what follows is my response: The short version: In this field, you tend to be cautious about new standards. I think is now almost 3-years old – Dublin core is well, old enough to buy beer in some states. For some context on just how many standards there are for metadata have a look at this, I hope I won’t be visiting in this graveyard of possibilities: Glossary of Metadata Standards (Indiana University) The Long version: Often times, standard choice depends on the purpose. Let’s start by saying, we do not use Dublin Core in the expectation of it being implemented in that way (although it would be nice), we primarily use it to keep our descriptive metadata schema architectures stable when we are designing them. Database architects are free to chose what standard they would… Read More »


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